Chapter 1

July 10th, 1961; Planet Pukaia

All was dense on a foggy night when all of the trees withered in the sky so swiftly as though someone had played the trees a lullaby. There in the shadows was a cottage that no one would have dared to go in. Many would say that whoever went in would either, never come back, or would be possessed by a dark spirit. Over time the cottage became very old and some even claimed that there would be holes that would be about the size of small spears in the walls. Although many thought that the cottage was dark and spirited, many also thought that the cottage was just many of the other cottages, and many also thought that there was no such thing as dark magic spirits and in spirited things. The tribe leader of the village told many people to stay away from the wicked structure. Over time, the cottage grew more and more wrecked as more and more people believed in its dark origins. Some people even swore that they saw dark spirits rise into the air then shattered into black ashes. Although, one day, two friends, one by the name Blake and another by the name Balioin, went to explore the now withered and wrecked cottage that was filled with darkness that many people feared. After a while, the boys doubted that going to the cottage could cost their lives in such danger. Balioin was nervous and wanted to go back to the village, while on the other hand, Blake wanted to find out the mysteries, after all. ”Why did I have to come with you Blake ”? Balioin said in a nervous and tiresome tone. “Because, if we find this mystery we’ll be rich and famous, only if the legends are true”. Balioin wondered about what that meant and thought those were just one of “Blake’s wise words”. “

Hey Blake, what was the name o- “WOULD YOU JUST STOP BLABBERING FOR ONE MOMENT”! After a while the forest grew silent as the two friends reached the ruins. It looked as though the two boys were destined to be the heroes to stop this rumor. The sun was setting down and the sky was gloomy with stars. The two boys, one brave, one who is nervous, started towards the cottage. The two boys looked up at the sky with clear sight wondering if they were far away from the village now. “Hey Blake, do you think something is following us right now”? I think he’s right. Blake thought intensely. But how can he be sure? Surely, if he knew this, he must be some sort of mind reader. Suddenly, a huge python came charging towards Blake with very sharp fangs and a long, slithering tail. Balioin reacted quickly with slight hesitation. Balioin kicked the snake aside just in time. “Was that the thing that was watching us? I kinda doubt it though”. Suddenly a dark figure approached the two myth hunters and the ghost-like figure watched from a distance as the two boys were shivering with fright. Blake and Balioin were highly confused but suddenly the snake bit Blake right in the shin. Blake roared with pain and Balioin hesitated and started crying. The dark floated around the two boys, unconscious, Blake suddenly fell backwards into a large ditch. The ditch started to form into a rather humongous circle which he collapsed into. Suddenly Blake fell into the wide void where everything seemed very dizzy and what made everything feel painful the void suddenly melted into the ground, and Blake was gone.

Chapter 2

May 16th,1955; Planet Pukaia

“I think that what Grampa said about chimney lake was real about how many people found mysteries rocks found in the water that would give them magical powers”. Balioin said in a quiet but kind manner. “I think it’s just a load of garbage and trash”. Blake said in a ridiculous voice.” Boys, we must get out of this town quickly”! Balioin did not know what was going on or why they had to leave the house, but he knew this village his whole life, and now they had to leave. Balioin was always a cheerful kid and when Blake was always worried or sad about something or someone, Balioin would always come over to help Blake with whatever was bothering him. 

“Blake, you need to get back to your family for safety, or else you’ll be gone, too”. Blake hurried home wondering about what Balioin’s father even meant. “We need to go to another village, this one isn’t safe”. Blake’s father and mother said in a quiet but hurried voice at the same time. ”Is there a fire or something”? Blake asked, a little impatient. ”The seventh sanctum is coming, the great tsunami that wiped out everything, is going to kill us all”. The seven sanctum, but it only appears every 4747 years. Then Blake realized something. ”This is where i can get those mysterious rocks.

Chapter 3

May 16th,1955; Planet Pukaia

Blake’s family ran as fast as they could with as many resources as they could carry. Boulders splashed out of the ocean like a water volcano spewing out of the water and crashing on land with great impact. A piece of obsidian flew towards him as Blake fled the large boulder. The piece of obsidian gashed his cheek as he roared in pain. The boulder launched itself towards him, crushing trees around him and destroying everything and everything around it. Blake took one last look at the boulder, staring as though Blake was pleading it for mercy. Blake was shoved aside unconscious about his surrounding he looked at the boulder to see his parent gone. Had they sacrificed themselves for him to save his life from the boulder? Blake could see a slight splatter of red on the ground and immediately, streaks of tears of tears rushed down his face. Blake felt the ground shaking beneath him as he looked around him. A sudden tide picked him up and carried him through the water. Blake saw many fish around him and even none that he had seen before. Blake saw a large fish swim past him wailing as though it was the king of the fish, which it seemed so. The fish looked like it had hard armor like stone were crushed into the beast or molten lava had drowned it then adapted to the lava. A piece of the fish ripped of with slight motion has it drifted away. As Blake approached the rock type scale, the scale lit up and startled Blake a bit. Blake reached the scale with slight hesitation. Blake finally touched the scale and it sent him flying at a tremendous force, seizing him into the sky. Blake twisted his hands into the sky. Blake did not know what he was doing, but he just went along with it, but nothing seemed to happen. 



Blake seemed to pass out but what seemed to happen was not clear. Blake had to get to safety before the rest of the sactum would swallow him and devour him into the sea.

 He scurried off to find a nearby camp or someone he could go with but everything around seemed like there was no light anymore. It was getting dark when Blake and the mysterious rock had found a place to rest. Blake was still aching for him thundering into the ground. He softly wrapped around a large branch from a nearby tree, then set a fire for warmth, help, and food. What was a day but seemed like years, Blake ventured out to find more of his kind. Blake used the rock once more but this time, he made decisions carefully. He thought about the rock for a while. He hadn’t really believed that these legends were true, although, he thought that there would be something to this rock that was special, not that it had special powers. He made sure to, make a wish, and say it in his head so that way the wish would come true instead of saying it out loud. The orb glowed silently and it made him feel uncomfortable. He finally opened his eyes and turned a leaf into a spear. He was in animus. Many people feared animus’s because they thought that someday, an animus would use their powers for evil. `But Blake just wanted to use his powers to get home. He decided that maybe the rock would be useful on the way.

 Blake heard some swishing in the bushes. Blake turned his head and was a bit frightened and was a bit shock. Standing there was Balioin and he was just watching almost everything Blake had just done.

To Be Continued